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Over four days, the riders and their horses can compete in different classes with varying levels. The lowest class will be 1.15m high and the Grand Prix 1.45m.

On Sunday afternoon the 9th of July, the Grand Prix 2* will be a class with 1.45m obstacles, where all the qualified riders from the days before can compete against each other individually. All the riders and horses without penalties qualify for the jump-off. The jump-off course is shorter and different to that of the first round and is against the clock.

A CSI YH is only for young horses. At the Réiser Päerdsdeeg will be one circuit for 5-year-old horses and one for 6-year-old horses.

These classes give promising young horses the chance to get to know big arenas and busy competitions.

Each horse can compete start in 3 classes; their finals round will be on Saturday the 8th of July.

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