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As every year, great food and drinks are very important for us from the Réiser Päerdsdeeg to please each and everyone’s taste.

This year, the Catering Company ‘Coffee and more’ from Germany will be spoiling you with many different dishes in the public area of the venue – from fresh salads to delicious hamburgers – everything is there. They will also provide amazing breakfasts for the early birds.

Coffee and More

As usual, the clubs from the Réiserbann will be doing a huge BBQ with french-fries and bring a beer stand on the left side after the entrance.

At the VIP, the master Chef Jan Schneidewind and his team from the Traiteur Windsor are taking the lead to provide a most exceptional experience over the eight days of the competition. With a lot of creativity, they want to invite you all to stay for great culinary events in the evening – these are accessible to everyone.